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We set up a fun come and go sensory station. People can stop by with their babies when they want and play! You get two teachers, for either 1.5, 2, or 2.5 hours (You can get more time if you want) The more time the more projects you get! The teachers will set out one project at a time for 25 min each. Then swap it out for another project! There are a ton of activities to choose from! We can put out all the instruments and play some fun songs, we can bring out the ball pit we have and all the balls with a tunnel! We also bring sensory projects like edible sand, rainbow rice or our sensory bins filled with things that feel soft, rough, squishy and bumpy! If you book 2 hours or more the ball pit and tunnel can be set up next to the sensory station the entire time for free! These prices below are for an approximate of 20 children and many of the projects are included free as part of the package!

1.5 hours is $425 and you get 3 projects
2 hours is $475 (4 projects plus ball pit and tunnel free OR musical instrument station free)
2.5 hours is $525 (5 projects plus ball pit and tunnel OR musical instrument station free)

The teachers will come a little earlier to set up and stay a little longer to clean up which is not counted in your time so you get the full time for activities. Almost all the project materials are included in the cost unless you choose a project that says additional fee. Here are your choices:

Non-messy projects include:

edible sand,
rainbow rice,
potato flakes snow,
dry oats and coconut,
uncooked lentils (make paper shakers take home project)
mixed media touch sensory bins
crunchy cereal play
tricolor spiral pasta uncooked
Beans and bugs bins
Under the sea bins
Mixed beans
Mask decorating ($1 per child)
Sand art
Fun free art table full of fun supplies like crayons, markers, Pom pomps, tape, glue sticks, feathers, colored paper, stickers and gems ($1 extra per child)
Colored edible play dough station ($1 per child)
fresh flower petal project where we bring fresh flowers and they pick the petals and play (extra $20 total)
ball pit and tunnel
our musical instrument station, all the instruments at once with music!

Messy projects include:

Painting a canvas ($1 per child extra)
Painting a bird house ($1 per child extra)
Paint wooden picture frame ($1 per child)
Cooked Rainbow spaghetti ($1 per child extra)
Sun catcher painting ($1 per child)
Cornstarch (included free)
Cloud dough (included free)
Planting seeds and painting pots ($1 per child)
Canvas art apron decorating ($1 per child)
Canvas tote bag decorating ($1 per child)
T-shirt decorating ($1.50 per child)
Playdough making! Make your own home made playdough and take it home!) (Included free)
Candle stick decorating ($2.50 per child)
Mezuzah making ($1 per child

If there is a project we did in class you loved let me know. Also feel free to look on our Facebook page or Instagram at our pics to see if there is a project you like that is not listed!

Our favorites for a birthday party with mostly young children would be rainbow rice, edible sand, instrument play, ball pit, sensory bins and crunchy cereal. Those would be my favorite because they are not too messy, baby safe and very fun! The art projects are a great take home and party favor for the older kids, if you have older kids coming too! We can save the art project for the end and the kids can come over and paint or do the craft and we wrap them up with a little tag! We also have non messy art projects like mask decorating with markers and stickers, the free art table, or sand art. There are so many fun craft projects for kids that we can do, many not even listed if you are interested in that we can discuss the options!

Thanks and we hope to help you celebrate your child's birthday!!